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Committed to Continuous Quality Nursing Services

A Leading Provider of Quality Healthcare Personnel for Over a Decade

Certified Nursing Registry, Inc. aims to provide high quality nursing care to its facility patients in a caring and respectful environment. This means achieving a total organizational commitment to doing the right thing well through an ongoing, collaborative and systematic assessment and improvement of organized performance and by meeting the needs and expectations of our customers’ facilities, the healthcare professionals and the employees.


Certified Nursing Registry, Inc. is committed to serving the nursing needs of the neighboring community, through the provision of organized, integrated, and multidisciplinary services that relate to the health maintenance, rehabilitation and education of patients.


Certified Nursing Registry, Inc. recognizes the employee as the most important resource, providing guidance to enhance the security and safety of the work environment, fairness of compensation and opportunities for the personal and professional growth of qualified and competent personnel.

We are committed to promoting the continuous improvement of organizational performance and the standards and outcomes of health care, through an efficient, effective, and appropriate utilization of resources in a manner that promotes a value of excellence, and which generates measurable benefits for the company and customers.

Certified Nursing Registry Offers highly competitive pay rates to all the disciplines. We service a wide range of facilities in these areas:​

  • Los Angeles County

  • Orange County​​

  • San Fernando Valley

  • San Bernardino County

  • Inland Empire Area

  • Riverside County

  • San Diego County

  • Kern County

  • Northern California (Bay Area, Central and North Area

Our healthcare professionals include RNs in all specialty and non-specialty areas:
  • ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

  • CVICU (Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit)

  • NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)

  • PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit)

  • SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit)

  • PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit)

  • ER (Emergency Room)

  • L&D (Labor and Delivery)

  • OR (Operating Room)

  • RR (Recovery Room)

  • DOU (Direct Observation Unit)

  • Telemetry

  • BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant)

  • Cardiac Cath Lab

  • Oncology

  • Post Partum, Pediatric, Nursery

  • Psych

  • Medical Surgical

We also provide LVNs and CNAs

Better Care Starts with You!
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